Ugh just had a fight with my parents and i feel like shit. I just got let go from my job aswell now i have to figure out what to do and HONESTLY.... i have no fucking idea.. ugh god help me through this ;(


Yes... today was one of those days everything started out well..but then i got into a fight at work lol. Gosh,, you know how sometimes you just feel hopeless..? Well yeah today was one of those days.... I hope that tomorrow will be better.. I'm do freaking tired ( I'm gonna take a nap.


No more fear. No more insecurity. I don't want to look back in a couple of years and be left with a pile of regrets and missed opportunities, all because I wouldn't allow myself to be content.I just really want happiness above all


Ugh today was a loonng day, Im still scared for the whole job thing gosh... i really hope that i will be at peace with myself soon. Oh well atleast for now i can go catch up on my sailor moon!!! :)